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The Reid Law Group was founded with the intention of redefining the Marital and Family Law Process. We are committed to making the divorce process a strategic, efficient and constructive experience. We have established a unique approach to the marital and family law process which maximizes effectiveness and efficiency in order to mitigate the potential monetary and emotional damage the divorce process can often do to families. Our commitment to the education of and management of expectations for our clients is unique to our law firm. Our clients can trust that the management of their marital and family law matter will be our priority. We have streamlined the process, eliminated unnecessary stress and time-consuming steps. In essence, our clients can trust that during the divorce process, they can continue their commitment to their families and businesses, knowing that their case is well managed in our hands.

Our mission is to provide you with a clear strategy and clear expectations, so that you can be a well-educated, well prepared participant as you chart your way through redefining your own life and future.

Andrea Oyola Reid, Esq.

Attorney at Law

An effective and tenacious litigator, Andrea Reid, focuses her practice in Marital and Family Law. As the principal owner of The Reid Law Group, her strategy for each case is adopted after careful review and consideration of her client’s situation.

To her, it is imperative that every case be approached with the utmost consideration of her client’s objectives and goals. Thus, she can determine, at an early stage, the desired course of action for each case in light of the individual circumstances of each client.

Attorney Reid believes that every case must be handled efficiently and with a high level of pre-emptive consideration for the nature of the proceeds. Based on her experience in the area of Marital and Family Law, she has spent her career effectively representing her clients and working to assure that all of their concerns and fears are addressed early on in what has the potential to be an arduous process.

Where settlement is appropriate, Reid works with clients to resolve their cases in a timely and complete manner. Where only litigation will suffice, Reid and her staff pride themselves in being prepared and effective in the court room.

In addition to representing men and women in high asset, highly contested divorce cases, Reid represents parents in Paternity, Time sharing, Relocation and Child Support Actions. She has represented numerous clients in the crafting of their prenuptial agreements and has helped her clients reach amicable settlements of their less complicated divorce situations.

Reid’s years of practice have led to her vast experience in many of the most contentious aspects of family law litigation and settlement. She has championed the rights of numerous parents in achieving majority timesharing with their children and determining child support and alimony that is a fair representation of the party’s financial earnings. She has prevailed in complex financial disputes and helped her clients protect their assets and financial obligations during equitable distribution and alimony matters. Her passion for the legal system has led her to undertake complicated areas of law and unique fact scenarios that have led to unprecedented achievements for her clients.

Throughout her career, Ms. Reid’s integrity, persistence and efficient approach to practicing law has led to the esteem of her colleagues and the judiciary. At the request and appointment of the court, she has represented children as a Guardian Ad Litem and defended the rights of birth mothers and biological fathers in proceedings where their parental rights were challenged.

In addition, Ms. Reid represents both victims of domestic violence and defended those accused of domestic violence. She has effectively litigated for and against the relocation of children and zealously represented those being denied timesharing.

As a member of the Executive Council and the Legislative Committee of the Florida Bar Family Law Section, Reid has committed herself to the well-being of Florida’s families. She has served in numerous leadership positions within the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar and has lobbied the Florida Legislature on issues such as Alimony, Child Support, Time sharing and Equitable Distribution. As such, she remains at the forefront of Florida Family Law and keeps apprised of the updated statutes and potential legislative considerations that may affect her clients and their families.

Within the South Florida community, Reid, a native Floridian has served on the Boards of several local charities and has maintained leadership and advisory roles therein. She was appointed by Administrative Order of the Supreme Court to serve on the Mediator Qualification Board and, along with other members of the family law community and the judiciary, was invited by her peers to join and participate in the Palm Beach County Family Law Inn of Court.

For a list of Andrea Reid’s Community Efforts, please click here


The Florida State University College of Law, 2005


  • Supreme Court of the State of Florida
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Florida
  • United States Supreme Court


  • Florida Bar Family Law Section
    • Member Executive Council
    • Co-Chair Legislation Committee
  • FAWL (Florida Association of Women Lawyers)
  • American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division
  • Broward County Bar Association
  • Palm Beach County Bar Association
  • South Palm Beach County Bar Association
  • The Susan Greenberg Family Law American Inn of Court of the Palm Beaches


  • Family Law
    • Divorce Actions (Contested and Uncontested)
    • Complex High Asset Divorce Litigation and Settlement
    • Highly Contested Timesharing Disputes
    • Complicated Asset and Liability Issues
    • Alimony Litigation
    • Child Support Litigation
    • Relocation Matters
    • Step Parent Adoptions
    • Modifications of Parenting Plans
    • Modifications of Alimony
    • Modifications of Child Support
    • Divorce Actions with Property and Real Estate
    • Divorce Actions with Alimony Entitlement
    • Establishment of Affordable Support Obligations for Bonus Earning Spouses
    • Establishment of Parenting Plans
    • Establishment of Parenting Plan and Assertion of Rights for Unmarried Parents
    • Domestic Violence Representation of the Respondent
    • Domestic Violence Representation of the Victim
    • Dismissals of Injunctions for Protections (Restraining Orders)
    • Supervised or Restricted Time sharing
  • Representation of First Responders including Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Paramedics and Nurses
  • Representation of Doctors, Lawyers, Small Business Owners
  • Representation of Sales Executives and Professionals.
  • Representation of Teachers and Education Administrators
  • Representation of Owners of S Corporations and C Corporations
  • Representation of International Business Owners
  • Representation of Professional Athletes


Family Law Section Executive Council
2015-present 08/31/2022
Family Law Continuing Legal Education Committee
2016-2018 08/31/2019
Family Law Legislation Committee
2015-present 08/31/2019
Secretary of Florida Association for Women Lawyers
Secretary of Florida Law Legislation Committee
2017, 2018

Ruby Garg Patel, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Ms. Patel focuses her practice on a wide range of complex family law matters, including divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities, timesharing, paternity, child support, alimony, analysis of complicated marital estates and financial affidavits and division of marital property.

She works to resolve issues in favor of her clients, after taking the entire financial and family context into consideration. She guides her clients towards points of agreement. Knowing that divorce causes intense anxiety and fear in clients, she works to shorten the time frame providing a beginning, middle, and end to the process.

It is a fact that the majority of cases settle and are not tried in Court. Attorney Patel strives to save families and allow them to get on with their lives, so she settles cases sooner than later. She saves families stress and extensive litigation fees.

A keen mind, mediation, and settlement skills are just a few of the tools in her arsenal to expedite the divorce process. Attorney Patel is also a strong advocate for using out of court methods to resolve conflict. However, when necessary she has the essential skills to litigate in Court. She successfully settles support and custody disputes and is well versed in varied timesharing alternatives to help families find the right fit.

Lengthy divorce battles harm families. Attorney Patel advocates to resolve issues and allow the parties to move on. It is inevitable that children will experience their parents’ tension and stress during the divorce. Attorney Patel actively advises her clients and uses books, referrals, and advice on how to prevent children from being overly stressed.

By watching the changing legislative landscape, Attorney Patel will educate her clients on the new Florida alimony and custody laws to enable educated choices.


B.A., Northeastern University, Boston MA. 2010
J.D., Nova Southeastern University Law School, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2014


  • Supreme Court of the State of Florida
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Florida


  • FAWL (Florida Association of Women Lawyers)
  • American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division
  • Broward County Bar Association
  • Palm Beach County Bar Association
  • Florida Bar Family Law Section (Member)


  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Equitable Distribution and Distribution of Property
  • Custody, Timesharing and Relocation
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Paternity
  • Modifications
  • Name Change
  • Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements
  • Step-Parent Adoptions